ApexRed (Investor Relations) is a global management consulting firm providing Investor Relations services to clients including targeted introductions to family offices, sovereign wealth funds, insurance companies, funds of funds, private banks, consultants, pension plans, endowments and foundations across the globe. Our investor relationships are key to making effective client introductions.

Connect with Investors

Global reach

We develop, cultivate and manage investor introductions and relationships to ensure a successful transaction.

Targeted Approach

We target a wide audience based on our client's specific investor preferences such as consultants, endowments, foundations, fund-of-funds, independent wealth managers, insurance companies, pensions, private banks, sovereign wealth funds, venture capitalists and family offices.

Build Relationships

We can also facilitate clients' complex investment needs by building and managing the entire client-investor capital raising relationship, e.g. marketing material, engagement processes, due diligence support and more.

The quality of introductions far exceeded our expectations. The capital raise was exactly on target and our only regret is that we didn't engage with Stephen and his team earlier.

The capital raise was a resounding success and the level of transparency, feedback and overall professionalism was particularly impressive. We will definitely engage again.


Partnership with ApexRed

We are very pleased to announce our partnership with the Al Sana Group, a UK based private family office, with the ability to provide a range of services to appropriate companies in the UK, Bangladesh, Europe, Middle East, Africa and the whole Asia-Pacific region.

Al Sana Group (ASG) is a private family office with a global reach. As active investors in a wide range of companies, they have a keen interest in emerging markets, clean energy & water solutions, tech & software development and several financial, industrial growth sectors in UK, Europe, Middle East, USA, and South Asia.

Located in the heart of Mayfair. The team is on-hand to offer a wide spectrum of services, build new relationships and explore opportunities.


ApexRed IR delivers a wide, global presence for your firm's asset-raising requirements by facilitating introductions from sophisticated, qualified/professional investors. We create and manage an appropriate outreach, aligned to the prevailing market conditions.